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PatBase Express simplifies patent searching for all-level users through an intuitive interface for searching global patents. PatBase Express is designed to optimize research productivity, equipping users with tools to search, manage, share and analyze patent and non-patent literature on one easy-to-navigate platform. Worldwide patent coverage on PatBase Express spans across 106 jurisdictions, including 74 full text collections.

Legal status
Search results
Similarity search
Patent Collections
General search tools
General search tools
Cross-lingual semantic search
Non-Latin character search
Search history queries
Semantic search
Similarity search

Latin and non-Latin text is now indexed together and can be searched simultaneously. The Non-Latin Search module is still available and can be used to translate terms before querying. Non-Latin text from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai are also machine translated into English.

Straightforward search forms guide users through query building in PatBase Express. Any of these forms can be used to structure and combine search fields.

Users can incorporate previous search queries from the same session to build a new search.

PatBase search language supports truncation to find variants or related terms based on a word-stem to broaden the search strategy.

Cooperative Patent Classification
International Patent Classification
US Patent Classification

Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC), International Patent Classification (IPC), Japanese F-Terms, Japanese FI-Terms, US Patent Classification, DEKLA Classification, Locarno Classification.

There are many tools available in PatBase Express to search or analyse by classifications, including the Optimise tool, search forms, Snapshot and optionally, PatBase Analytics V3.

Value-added data
Value added data
Standardized applicant names
Standardized ID numbers
Patent family data
Patent family data

PatBase families are based on INPADOC family data. To save time for reviewers and to avoid duplication, PatBase Express families house all publications related to the same invention. In the Legal Information Browser module, priority information for each family is transparently illustrated in a straightforward grid. PatBase Express data is reviewed daily, to ensure the highest quality of information is upheld.

Index lists
Index lists
Applicant name
Corporate tree
Invention text

Applicant names can be viewed in the database.

The Corporate Tree module provides a quick and easy way to identify subsidiaries and other affiliations of a chosen corporation, so that related companies can be included in one assignee search. All or some affiliated assignee names can then be selected to search in PatBase.

Keywords can be searched across all sections of the full text.

Results type
Keyword in context (KWIC) highlighting
Keyword map
Machine translation
Sorting by relevance
Translated titles and/or abstracts

Terms to highlight can either be automatically determined from the search query or customized, with highlighting applied either to entire documents or relevant snippets identified (Keyword in Context).
Jump to highlighted terms quickly while viewing full-text documents.

Whole documents can be machine-translated with just a few clicks. English machine translations are searched simultaneously with all English-language texts.

Search results can be sorted according to relevance or date.

Analysis data
Applicant and/or inventor
Invention text

PatBase Express includes Snapshot, the simplified analytics tool which auto-generates charts using data from patent search results. Visualise patent data to draw new insights. Charts are downloadable and sharable.

Search results

Corporate alerts can be set up and accessed on PatBase Express for Express users to subscribe to. When corporate alerts are set up by admin users, they can assign the alerts to users or a list of alerts will appear for PatBase Express users within the same organization to select from.

Data export
Data Export
Bibliographic data
Description and/or claims
Full document scans

All patent data can be exported. Full-text, citations, classifications, original patent documents and legal status. Various file formats are available for download, including Word, HTML, Excel, PDF and more.

Collaboration tools
Collaboration tools
Shared workfiles

Records can be shared in multiple ways from PatBase Express. Publish links to individual records, result sets or folders. Export data in various file formats, including popular options Word, PDF, Excel, HTML and more. Also print multiple records or create an RSS feed from folders or patent search results.

Non-patent data
Non-patent content
Industrial designs
Non-patent literature

On PatBase Express, there is a dedicated search tool for non-patent literature, linking out to Agriculture, Science, Computing & Engineering and Multidisciplinary online resources.

The Non-Patent Literature search module supports Digital object identifier (DOI), International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN) searching.

General operators
Anti-proximity (outside of range)
Boolean (AND, OR, NOT, XOR)
Comparison (e.g. >, =<)
Proximity (within range)
Wildcard operators
0-1 characters
1 character
Unlimited characters
Center truncation
Left truncation
Right truncation

Bibliographic data – At least one of the following is available: publication number, filing number, grant number, publication date, filing date, grant date, applicant name, assignee name, inventor name, patent classification.
Partial text – At least one of the following (but not all) are available: title, abstract, description, claims.
Full text – All of the following are available (where applicable for the given jurisdiction): description, claims