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The Information Search System (ISS) provides users with two possible options to conduct free search, which is limited, and /or paid search.
Free search is available for all registry documents within free ISS databases for unregistered users.


Federal Service for Intellectual Property (ROSPATENT)

Fee paying
Database description

The information search system comprises several databases containing full texts and abstracts on Inventions and Utility models. The full text database provides bibliographic data, titles, abstracts, descriptions, claims, drawings (if filed). The abstract database provides bibliographic data, titles, abstracts or claims, and if possible, only one drawing.
The search function within the full-text database is capable of searching the full content of the document. The search function of the abstract database is capable of searching the part of the document content that is available in the database. Thus, search query results will be different for these two databases.
The system also comprises databases of documents on each particular object for IPR protection, published during the past month. As per Inventions and Utility models, the database contains the last three bulletins. For Trademarks, the database contains the last two bulletins. For Industrial design, the database contains only the one last bulletin. Documents within the databases are updated as soon as new bulletins are published.
The ISS reflects the current legal status and provides an opportunity to conduct a search, as well as a search in Russian filtered by features of objects for IPR protection; the system offers free access, and the options to order a paid service for search or to carry out it manually on search queries.

Legal status
Similarity search
Cross-lingual semantic search
Patent Collections
General search tools
General search tools
Semantic search

Patent documents of different objects for IPR protection have a different number of published fields with bibliographic data.

Cooperative Patent Classification
International Patent Classification

The search option includes International Patent Classification and Cooperative Patent Classification.
The request is entered in Russian, case-insensitive. The class and subclass index is entered in Latin characters and numbers without spaces between them. The index of the main group or subgroup of the classification is entered in Latin characters with a space between the subclass and the numbers of the main group or subgroup, if there is more than one digit before the "/".

Value-added data
Value added data
Harmonized titles and/or abstracts

Classifiers are available in the section "Official Publications - International Classifications". Dates are entered in the appropriate fields in the format YYYY.MM.DD (year, month, day). Incomplete date entry is not allowed.
Search by numbers and dates is possible using the defined fields

Patent family data
Patent family data

At the top of the page on the left, users can view the number of documents found in each of the selected databases and the total number of documents. The table below show the wording of the search query. The retrieved documents are displayed in groups of 50 documents. To navigate from one group of documents to another, users can click on the number of the corresponding group or use the buttons to move to the previous (or subsequent) groups.
The list of documents contains: serial and publication numbers of a document, publication date and a drawing from the abstract (if any) or an image of an industrial design or a trademark and the name and the database in which the document was found.

Results type
Analysis data
Applicant and/or inventor
Legal status
Search results

It is indicated within search results on which databases the search was conducted, as well as the current legal status of objects for IPR protection.

Data export
Data Export
Bibliographic data
Description and/or claims
Legal status
Title and/or abstract

The search data can be printed or downloaded in pdf format

General operators
Boolean (AND, OR, NOT, XOR)
Proximity (within range)

Logical search allows users to retrieve documents that contain query terms related to each other by relationships defined by query operators.
When formulating a query, it should be taken into account that in the process of indexing the texts of documents and processing of a query, most of the Russian and English terms undergo the procedure of morphological and normalization analysis to bring the terms in a dictionary format. For example, the terms: machine, machine, machine, etc. will be represented in the dictionary system as machine (normalization in the indexing process) . For example, the system will search for normalized terms, and there is no need to make truncation's for the ending of well-known terms. For specific (technical, chemical, etc.) terms, it is advisable to truncate the ending to search for documents with any forms of such term.

The field has the following operators: AND, OR, NOT, WITHIN, ADJ *, (), " ", [ ].

Bibliographic data – At least one of the following is available: publication number, filing number, grant number, publication date, filing date, grant date, applicant name, assignee name, inventor name, patent classification.
Partial text – At least one of the following (but not all) are available: title, abstract, description, claims.
Full text – All of the following are available (where applicable for the given jurisdiction): description, claims