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Tech Tracker is an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)-powered software-as-a- service (SaaS) product with a simple and intuitive workflow to organize and track technologies and IP assets of organizations. In addition to customizing the reports, you can receive updated copies straight to your inbox at regular intervals.

The use cases of Tech Tracker are the following:
- Categorize and analyze technologies and the patent portfolio of companies
- Track technology trends, and identify emerging technologies and companies
- Generate technology and competitive landscapes

The key benefits of Tech Tacker are the following:
- Automatically track technologies, IP assets, and competition
- Receive IP, technology, and competitive landscapes at regular intervals
- Users do not need expertise on IP or technology
- Flexible on the level of details required on technology and IP assets
- Monitor emerging technologies and companies in the industry

Tech Tracker is available in two modes, namely, Self-Service and Landscaping-as-a-Service modes.

In the Self-service mode, the user is given access to an AI/ML platform and training to generate hierarchical taxonomies based on technologies or the patent portfolios of companies. Users can decide the level of details. Once the taxonomy is generated, users can configure the system to automatically track the technology, IP, and competitive landscapes.

In the Landscaping-as-a-service mode, the only input needed is the selection of technologies, companies, and competitors for the landscapes. The Relecura team will set up the system with an appropriate level of detail of technologies and patent portfolios using taxonomies and configure it to send the reports regularly. The user will receive IP, technology, and competitive landscapes at regular intervals.

Here is an auto-generated report on augmented reality:

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Value added data
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Index lists
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Collaboration tools
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Bibliographic data – At least one of the following is available: publication number, filing number, grant number, publication date, filing date, grant date, applicant name, assignee name, inventor name, patent classification.
Partial text – At least one of the following (but not all) are available: title, abstract, description, claims.
Full text – All of the following are available (where applicable for the given jurisdiction): description, claims