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WIPS Global provides a complete service by integrating artificial intelligence technology with the system as a patent analysis service for all-level users. With database optimized for patent works such as trial, litigation, generics, chemical compounds, and IP strategy establishment, WIPS Global assists patent practitioners to perform efficiently.


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Fee paying
Draw structures
Identity search
Similarity search
Patent Collections
General search tools
General search tools
Search history queries
Similarity search

Similarity Search - It's provided with the name of 'AI Search', which is Similarity Search based on artificial neutral networks using AI algorithms. This logic provides search results by judging the degree of similarity of all patent documents based on meaning, and gives a list of similar documents as a result through sentence type of query such as patent literature, journals, papers etc. rather than complicated search query using keywords and operators. (Available languages- English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Also provide various kind of search features;
. Field search: put details information of patent in fields
. Number search: search by number
. Step search: successive search queries are stacked in each step and make the results by combining operation between the steps.
. Trial search; search specific documents of trial (judgement, appeal etc.)
. US litigation search; search for patent litigation cases in US jurisdictions.
. Legal search; search for legal status (rights transfer, license, pledge)
. Chem Sight; chemical search by identity, compounds, draw structure

Biological and chemical search tools
Biological and chemical search tools

WIPS Global provides Chem Sight as a chemical search tool.
User can search for chemical compound name (IUPAC name, common name, product name or related keywords) or InChI Key or draw the formula on the web. Search result shows the extended result from the identical compound to the compound containing sub-structures.

Chemical structure
Draw structures
Identity search
Similarity search
Substructure search
Cooperative Patent Classification
International Patent Classification

All patent classification information provided by patent offices are searched in WIPS Global.

Value-added data
Value added data
Harmonized titles and/or abstracts
Standardized applicant names
Standardized ID numbers

. WIPS Family (simple+extended) and citation information that minimize missing through house-processing.
. Highly accurate machine translation database (NMT)
. US jurisdiction litigation, Trial and Appeal data.
. Legal status
. Chemical compound data
. FTO generics

Patent family data
Patent family data

WIPS Global provides WIPS Family data.
What is WIPS Family?
Basically WIPS Global provides INPADOC patent family as the basic system but INPADOC do not hold all the issued patents from every countries and its update is a little late than the official report published by the Patent Offices. To overcome these limitations, WIPS Global retrieves the missing patents from the prior record of each country's patents before it was included in INPADOC. WIPS Family minimized the missing and provide more complete family data.

Index lists
Index lists
Applicant name
Corporate tree
Field index search

Approx. 67 searchable fields and more than 60 analytic fields are provided. Users can customize fields as it's needed.

Results type
Keyword in context (KWIC) highlighting
Keyword map
Machine translation
Sorting by relevance
Translated titles and/or abstracts

Search result display main fields of the patent document- status, authority, document type, number, date, title, applicant name, patent family, de-duplication etc. Users can choose only fields they want to see in display setting. Also in the left side of the search result the visualized sub-statistics is offered for users to intuitively check the statistics of applicants, countries, technologies by IPC etc. within the search result.

Analysis data
Applicant and/or inventor

. SmartAngle ; statistical graphical analysis of search result
. SmartCloud; intuitively grasp the technology distribution status in a type of word cloud
. Patent Family analysis; to understand the distribution of worldwide patent families at a glance
. Citation analysis; enables review of citation information in various aspects by providing self-citation/ non-self citation
. Claim analysis; quick review the claims and comparative analysis of the scope of patent rights
. Patent Evaluation Grade; objectively and quickly confirm the superiority of a patent

Legal status
Search results

WIPS Global offers a monitoring service named SDI for updated information. User can make the settings for Legal Status, Query, Competitors, Family and Citation and receive alarms by email.
. Legal Status: on the particular trial case
. Query: updates on the new patents and its updates
. Competitor: competitor's application and the changes in rights
. Family and Citation: changes in patent family relationship and citations of a specific case.

Data export
Data Export
Bibliographic data
Description and/or claims
Full document scans
Legal status
Title and/or abstract

Approx. 120 fields exported (individual and bundled). Various file formats available for download including xlsx, txt, mdb, csv, xml.

Collaboration tools
Collaboration tools
Shared workfiles

. Patent Folder: It allows users to save search results or patent literature of interest. Users can manage the saved patent literature by using folder operation, fold share, making memos, putting flag, tagging, etc.
. Query Folder: users can save search queries. Saved queries can be used for alerts service (SDI) and downloads.
. Query History: Queries are saved automatically by dates, time, number, and all other conditions of the queries.

Non-patent data
Non-patent content
Industrial designs
General operators
Boolean (AND, OR, NOT, XOR)
Proximity (within range)
Wildcard operators
0-1 characters
1 character
Unlimited characters
Center truncation
Right truncation

Bibliographic data – At least one of the following is available: publication number, filing number, grant number, publication date, filing date, grant date, applicant name, assignee name, inventor name, patent classification.
Partial text – At least one of the following (but not all) are available: title, abstract, description, claims.
Full text – All of the following are available (where applicable for the given jurisdiction): description, claims